Movement is the heart of
every sport!

We train your rhythm and personalize your ideal tempo
to perform your best.

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Tempo in Motion optimizes every move,
every sport, every time!

Whether you’re a player or the parent of a budding superstar,
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Tempo in Motion is a scientifically engineered system that works!

Find, analyze, and perfect your individual tempo and rhythm with our proven system that uses auditory click patterns and music tracks to sync your movement for any sport.

Coaches and trainers work to strengthen the body and mind. Tempo in Motion is the glue that ties it all together.

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"Tempo in Motion is the best means to find the sync in your swing. You'll be amazed at how solid and straight you can start hitting it."
- Cameron McCormick - Coach to 2015 Masters Champion Jordan Spieth

"The overall goal when you putt or play golf is to have a flow or rhythm about you. That's why I love Tempo in Motion!"
- Pat O'Brien Short Game Coach to 2007 Masters Champion Zach Johnson

"Tempo in Motion's great music & click patterns have transformed my golf swing. Thanks Tempo in Motion, I've just added another weapon to my bag!" - Craig Cassano

"Tempo in Motion got me to hit the ball with more power. The click patterns smooth my swing, while the music adds drive to my game. Love it!" - Kay Machado

"Tempo in Motion's concept is absolutely great! Your Tempo Finder is terrific! Thanks!" - Dennis "Doc" Knowles

"By using Tempo in Motion, I went from hitting 4 or 5 fairways (poorly!) to hitting 12 fairways in my last round. Thanks for Tempo in Motion!" - Barney Brockwell

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