2016 – Your Year To Play Better Golf

New Years’ resolutions are often made at the beginning of the year with lots of optimism but few people carry out their resolution. While it is essential to set goals, it is as important to map out a realistic plan to reach them. Be it shedding 5 points off your handicap, keeping it cool on the green, or hitting it 10 yards further : Tempo in Motion has a plan to help you play better golf!

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Create Your Sports Music Playlist

While working out and listening to music, we naturally seem to pick the songs that feel right for that day. What if we were to take it a step further? Use your music choices as an emotional stimulation to get those training sessions or workouts feeling just right. Create your personal “Power Playlists.”  Tempo_JohnA fun game is to ask yourself “what type of music do I feel like today?” It is even more powerful when you match that style to the goal you want to achieve, such as “I need to get work done, I feel like rock music” or “I’d like to sweat a little extra during my workout, I feel like hip-hop ” or maybe “I’d like to smooth out my mood and feel a consistent groove, so I’m a bit like World music/beats”. Regardless of what type of music you feel like, this will in essence create a sense of trust and self-empowerment. Connecting with your musical inner feelings, will always steer you towards happiness, success and achieving your goals!

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Get An Edge On The Competition

If you can master rhythm, in which ever sport you play, you will have a serious advantage on your competition. You will feel more in control, you will see more clearly the field of play, and your perception will become more acute.

Watch former major league baseball player Frank Catalanotto, a 14 year veteran, explain how rhythm affects the game of baseball.

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Hit Your Drives Further With Good Rhythm


What do you think it takes to hit the ball straight when your swing speed is around 145 mph? We caught up with 5 times RE/MAX long drive Champion Jason Eslinger at the Waterview Golf Club in Rowlett TX, and asked him what’s the key to a consistent and powerful golf swing.


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Good Tempo And Rhythm Are A Knockout

Most likely, you have heard announcers in sporting events comment about an athlete’s tempo and rhythm. Why is it so important anyway to have a smooth and powerful internal groove? We caught up with Gustavo Tapia, a former professional boxer at Mandrills gym, who considers rhythm a deciding factor in becoming a winner!

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Why Payne Stewart Had Such Beautiful Tempo And Rhythm

The late great Payne Stewart was recognized as having one the most graceful and rhythmic swings of all time. One of Payne’s dear friends PGA Tour Coach Pat O’Brien shares with you the reason his tempo was so smooth, and how you can identify your own pace to help achieve lower scores.

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How To Cure The Yips

Ah yes, the dreaded yips. We all have them from time to time. When they show up, it’s like a bad case of the flu. If you understand their cause, you’ll be able to get yourself healed up and back on track to making more birdies and pars. Watch Tempo in Motion Performance Expert Dr Caroline Silby as she offers some great insight on how to cure your case of the yips.

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The Power Of Breath In Golf

So many of us take breathing for granted when we play golf. Very often our nerves can be helped by just taking some rhythmical breaths when fear creeps in. Watch Tempo in Motion Performance Expert Laci Weeks as she shows you a great way to feel the proper areas of your body where deep breathing occurs.

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Practice Your Tempo And Putt With Confidence

There are many factors to becoming a good putter. Solid rhythm and pace are high on the list. Watch Tempo in Motion Performance Expert and PGA Pro, Brian Mahon from Hank Haney’s Dallas Market Center facility as he talks about how having good pace and tempo are paramount to becoming a good putter. Also, he demonstrates one of Tiger Woods favorite putting drills!

 Brian Mahon

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Get Amped At Synergy Athletic Performance

An amp can mean many things, but at Synergy Athletic Performance in Dallas TX, AMP stands for their Athletic Movement Profile. Watch expert Laci Weeks as she takes you through the different stages of the AMP, and how they work closely with your golf coach to achieve optimal performance.

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